Handcrafted jewelry designs that will touch your soul

The Artist

I made my first attempt at jewelry-making when I was a teenager, after buying a pair of earrings and imagining that I could make similar pairs in other colors or sizes.  Not having any training or art background, my early creations were the result of teaching myself as I went along.  I somehow knew that if I could “see” the finished piece in my mind, I could eventually figure out how to make it.

Over the years, I made it a point to try every jewelry-making technique that I could research, including wireworking, bead-weaving, glass fusing, silversmithing, forging, lampworking and many others.  However thinking it best not to risk burning the house down, I did take a couple of quick classes in order to learn the proper ways to use a kiln and a torch.  One of those classes was in 2005, learning to use a, then, fairly new material called precious metal clay.  I liked it, but I didn’t pursue the medium after the class.

Then in 2008 things changed.  I found myself looking at the natural world in a different way.  Nature started to be more than a source of enjoyment … now it was a source of ideas, but ideas that I couldn’t really bring to fruition.  I thought about the jewelry techniques that I’d learned and metal clay seemed perfect for what I wanted to do.  So I went back to my tried and true methods of teaching myself as I go along, and hunkered down to really explore this amazing way of working with metal.  The more I played with the material, the more I discovered its versatility … and the more I fell in love.  I saw that I could incorporate aspects of all that I had learned in the past, like glasswork and wirework.  The possibilities were, and continue to be, truly endless.

Today nature inspires most of my work, both in color and form.  I combine precious metals, natural stones, glass, and freshwater pearls in order to create pieces that make quiet, uncomplicated statements.  My eyes are filled with the beauty of the world every day.  Figuring out new ways to incorporate my vision into my work is a wonderfully never-ending journey.  I invite you to come along.  Visit this website often in order to see my new designs … that nature has inspired.

Myriam,  your personal jeweler